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We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our funding application for our project as a part of the Erasmus+ Small Scale Partnership in Youth program has been selected! This is a huge achievement for us and marks a significant step forward in our mission. As part of this project, we’ll be collaborating with a specialized organization that designs educational workshops using gaming and gamification.

Together, we’ll create a comprehensive workshop package incorporating our video games for use in both formal and informal educational settings. Our workshops, which target young people, will be simultaneously conducted in Turkey and Germany, tailored to be the best possible versions with our partner for future use.

Specifically, we’ll be using “Sibel’s Journey” to provide inclusive gender and sexuality education, and “Leila’s Play” to address issues around accessibility, disability, neurodiversity, and physical diversities.

This project is not just about workshops; it’s a great step for us to make our methods fool-proof and get systematic feedback from our target group. We’ll use this feedback to adjust both the games and workshops to better meet their needs. Additionally, we’ll be hosting two audio-visual media workshops to introduce young people to the creative tools we use in our activism, youth work, and innovative education.

This opportunity fills us with immense excitement and gratitude, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey together with the @Learning Designs team from İstanbul. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress!

Are you aged 13 to 18 or do you know someone in that age range who might be interested in participating in these free workshops offered in both countries? Don’t forget to get in contact with us and add your name to the list!