We offer workshops for learning & teaching on topics such as inclusion and diversity.

Sibel's Journey Game Environment

We offer workshops in two categories: the first category of workshops is for children and young people, which we run together with our educators, and the second category of workshops is for educators.

These workshops aim to give a framework to educators to facilitate their own workshops or lessons about core aspects of who we are. They provide training for educators to integrate our games into their classes, pedagogic training, and workshops. 

Through the use of our games and workshops, we aim to turn teachers and lecturers into facilitators who encourage participant interaction and make the learning process more fun. Their students, in turn, will learn how to make up their own minds, explore new options, and have a chance to express themselves. 

We also offer lesson plans, resources, and printables.

Click here to book a workshop, request the printed workshop guidelines or other resources.

Current Workshop Offers for Children and Teenagers:

Are you aged 13 to 18 or do you know someone in that age range who might be interested in participating in Free workshops as part of the Erasmus+ Program? Don’t forget to get in contact with us and add your name to the list!

  • Inclusive Sexuality and Gender Education with Sibel’s Journey: A workshop for children and teenagers aged 11+ on gender, sexuality, safer sex, body image, consent and healthy communication utilizing the video game Sibel’s Journey. 
  • Empathy and Tolerance Workshop with Laika: A workshop about understanding each other and active listening for children aged 6-9, utilizing the detective game Laika: On the trail of the golden bone.
  • Accessibility, Disabilities, Neuro- and Physical Diversities Workshop with Leila’s Play: A workshop for children and teenagers aged 11+ to increase understanding and encourage meaningful discussions, utilizing the game Leila, a mystery adventure game that tackles the topics of disability, ableism, accessibility, neuro and physical diversities through a coming of age story.
  • Audio-Visual Media workshops: Would like to dive into the world of audio-visual media production? In this workshop, we involve teenagers into the tools we use in our socially impactful games, and guide them through their journey of creating a draft for their own media.

Current Workshop Offers for Educators/ Youth workers:

  • Let’s make inclusive sex education fun with Sibel’s Journey Workshop: Addressing educators, pedagogues, and social workers, we explore the integration of Sibel’s Journey as a tool for inclusive gender and sexuality education. The workshop shares tips and trick to include the video game into the educational plans and offering practical insights for creating inclusive learning environments.
  • Create your own game Workshop: Addressing educators, pedagogues, and social workers, we delve into the process of crafting educational games. Participants engage in designing game concepts with a focus on a social issue they would like to address in their educational plans. In these workshops using games as a teaching and learning tool is explored.