About Us

We develop computer games, media and cultural projects about accessibility, LGBTQIA+, gender, identity, sexuality, public sphere, climate and environment using creative technologies. Our mission is to publish games for children and adolescents with characters of all sexes and sexualities as well as different ethnicities, body types, mental and physical abilities that support cultural diversity and sustainability. 

We also offer workshops for learning & teaching about these topics. By turning teachers and lecturers into facilitators who encourage participant interaction, we aim to make the learning process more fun and contribute to systemic change.

The Team

Founded in 2020, our Berlin-based collective Food for Thought is made up of experienced and well-established players from the games and culture sectors. Food for Thought comprises women, trans people, queers, migrants and mothers of teenagers, who see diversity not as ornamental, but as a core part of their identities. Consequently, we incorporate not only our professional know-how in our specialist areas, but also our personal experiences and different perspectives into every experience we create.

studied educational science and philosophy at the University of Leipzig. She has been working primarily in the creative sector for more than ten years. After years of working in project and marketing management at various offline and online marketing agencies, she turned to the topic of crowdfunding and is part of the “Crowdfunding Campus” team.

is working on her Ph.D. at the European University Viadrina on Discourses on Sexuality in Berlin-Neukölln. Gülden has worked in psychosocial counseling for queer people of color, is a lecturer for Gender Studies and works as a freelance trainer in the field of adult education. As a parent of a teenager, she has a lot of practice in translating political content into language suitable for children and young people.


believes that our biggest achievements and struggles are not on our CVs. Hers was getting her first driver’s license at 35 in Germany. Professionally, she left few corners of the communication business unexplored. Personally, she’s been collecting stories and foreign words since her childhood, like some people collect stamps. Some say it’s a side effect of not sharing a native language with her mother. The rumor that she has a degree in Business Administration, is true.

is a Berlin-based senior designer and programmer. is a Berlin-based senior designer and programmer. He has been working on major projects for both television and the games industry. Beside being a full stack developer, he also provides UX and UI design for mobile and desktop applications.

has worked in the gaming industry for 10 years. Her responsibilities are accounting, financing, office and resource management. She is also a mother of 3 children who can hardly believe that their mother has been involved in game productions that have won countless awards.

is a Berlin-based freelancer primarily working in the fields of interactive media and video art on stage. Her current works include concept and game design, character design, illustration, and animation for digital applications as well as graphic design for print media.

is a PhD candidate at Goethe University Frankfurt, researching gender transitions. Additionally, they work as an editor for the German magazine Neue Narrative and are a certified Design Thinker. They give talks, publish and hold workshops around the topics of bodily integrity, relationships, sexuality and gender.

has been working as a character designer, storyboard artist and animator based in Berlin since 1997. After working on traditional 2D animation feature films and TV series, he has in recent years mainly provided the design and art for computer games, among them the award-winning “Laika”, “Monkey Swag” and “The Great Jitters – Pudding Panic”.

obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Middle East Technical University, founded and organized Feminist Open Microphone nights in Ankara. She is currently writing her master’s thesis at Free University Berlin’s Sociology Department while working as an assistant producer. Her research areas are sociology of body, medical sociology, gender studies and migration.

caught the game bug in the early 2000s, started designing games in Flash, one of them was published online and got played by 11.000.000 people. She worked in the creative industries as a graphic and UI designer for over ten years, five of it being in the game industry. Although she got kicked out of an exchange studentship for wearing short shorts, she still got lots of higher education, such as an MA in Gender Studies and another in Science and Technology Studies. She is the founder and the Creative Director of Food for Thought, was once chased by a rhino and has a weak spot for red shoes.

studied Cultural Management and currently works as a project manager, curator and designer in the fields of cultural and creative industries since 2007. She is a designer and coordinator of the JQA – Jewish Quarter Ankara Digital Platform project and a member of the UrbanObscura initiative, which works on archiving urban memory.